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Hostal Miramundo

Hostal Miramundo, is the ideal place to live a fabulous experience away from the noise of the capital, close to nature. Located in the uptown of Chalatenango just 2 hours from San Salvador, you can breathe fresh air on one of the highest hills of the Chalatenango mountains about 2450m/MASL  and only 9 kms. northeast from La Palma. The deliciously cool weather of the mountains with an average temperature of 12° C / 38° F during the day and 4° C / 34° F, during the night, will make you enjoy the experience better with us.

Our experience over 16 years has done that every day we win the trust and recognition of our friends always maintaining the warmth of home and the high standards that characterize us. At present, we have 8 family rooms and three cabins, four restaurant areas , three multipurpose rooms, bar with international drinks, a menu with wide range of national and international dishes.


Habitación familiar. Hostal Miramundo
Services Hostal Miramundo
Hostal Miramundo, has rooms and cabins equipped with private bathroom, hot water, comfortable beds and all the necessary services that offer you the warmest stay, in a cozy and exclusive atmosphere.
Restaurante Hostal Miramundo
Services Hostal Miramundo
Hostal Miramundo, has four areas of restaurant ideals for conducting trainings, seminars and gatherings; with an extensive a la carte menu of delicious national and international dishes and prepared with fresh ingredients
Services Hostal Miramundo
Emely Tours, is the Tour Operator of Hostal Miramundo, which organizes trips whether day or with accommodation in exclusive transport, to and from San Salvador to different attractive points uptown Chalatenango


In Hostal Miramundo, you can enjoy different activities inside and outside the Hostel, you decide where and what to do. Usually we made it group, although you can do it yourself. What is sought is to create a harmony of friendship between visitors to feel family. Below we give you brief information about what you can live in the upper area of Chalatenango.

Karaoke-bar in Hostal Miramundo

In the nights, the bar area of our main restaurant becomes a pleasant place when karaoke starts. Our friends give flavor and color to the night with their voices to the rhythm of music. All accompanied by hot or cold drinks.

Visit to Finca Agroturística Casa Grande

We take you to the paradise of the mountain, where you can feel the cool climate of the area and you connect with nature. Farm animals, horseback riding, fruits, flowers of the area and hammocks are part of what you will find in this beautiful place.

Guided tours to EL Cerro El Pital

We have the option to take you to the highest point of El Salvador at 2730 MASL. 15 minutes from Hostal Miramundo is El Cerro El Pital, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and cool climate. We recommend going warm and comfortable shoes.

Guided tours to Río Sumpul

Considered to be one of the largest rivers in El Salvador and one of the least polluted. With a length of 77 km, is the geographical limit between El Salvador and Honduras. A specialized guide takes you to this wonderful tour.

Visits to vegetable plantations

We take you for a guided tour to the flower and vegetable crops of the area. You can purchase fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables freshly cut or extracted from the ground. Besides, you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the mountain.


In Hostal Miramundo, we have a special area designed for bonfires. In the nights we gather together with our visiting friends around the fire and enjoy anecdotes, fables or stories in a familiar atmosphere and cool climate. Live this amazing experience.

Children's Games

The youngest of the family also have a suitable place for them to play on a trampoline at Hostal Miramundo. Your children enjoy releasing energy, while you rest in the midst of nature and never lose sight of them. All in a safe and familiar environment