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Nacimientos de agua

Upper area of Chalatenango

In the upper area of Chalatenango, we felt in a different place away from the city and its natural beauty is full of interesting experiences. The cool climate, forests, beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers, a culture that has endured over the years, the flora and fauna of the region invite the national and foreign tourist to want to stay in a natural paradise. The upper area of Chalatenango are several tourist destinations, among them we have: Cerro El Pital with 2,800 MASL , is the highest point in El Salvador, Cerro Miramundo, located at a height of 2,400 MASL  and with temperatures ranging from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius, offers us breathtaking views and hostels where we can…

The Sumpul River

The Sumpul River, is located in the upper town of Chalatenango, is considered one of the largest rivers in El Salvador and one of the least contaminated. With a length of 77 km, it serves as a geographical boundary between the republics of El Salvador and Honduras. The Sumpul River, begins in the municipality of San Ignacio, department of Chalatenango, El Salvador, and flows into the reservoir of the Hydroelectric Power Plant 5 de Noviembre, with a northwest-southwest route. It crosses the municipalities of La Palma, San Fernando, Dulce Nombre de María, La Laguna, El Carrizal, Ojos de Agua, Nueva Trinidad and Las Flores. The word “Sumpul”, is of Chorti origin and means "In the great peaks…